Immunity Boosting Probiotic for Back to School Season

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With back to school comes cold and flu season. It is the germ-fest of the year and most people have not strengthened their immune systems with proper nutrition. 
That’s why we created our immune fighting probiotic YourBiotics.

By combining our organically sourced ingredients into one capsule, the whole family can benefit from its natural biotic diversity. Rest assured that not only is our high-quality probiotic immunity boosting, but it is also gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and shelf-stable. No need to refrigerate! That’s one less thing to worry about.

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at our health center in Newark, DE.

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Is Your Mind Set? Dr. West at UnleashU Now Conference

“Is Your Mind Set?.” Dr. West will be speaking at the UnleashU Now conference in Georgetown, DE. UnleashU Now is the perfect mix of conference and networking. Not only will you get tools to use and information to absorb but the motivation to live your best life. Connect with like-minded people that will be part of your journey. The combination of connecting with others and listening to expert speakers will destroy any shackles holding you back. For all those that want to live their best life and change the world, come be unleashed. Visit UnleashUnow.comto reserve your ticket for the event.

UnleashUNow Conference 2019Dr. West UnleashUNow