Our Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation is a big part of our individualized care programs. Whether you are seeing us to avoid surgery, recover from a car accident, work related injury, or sports injury, rehabilitation is vital to your recovery. Our rehab center caters to many different therapies as well as an individualized three phase rehab program. This program includes a full battery of exercises, physical and functional medicine techniques. Call us for more information 302-525-4343.


NuCalm is a favorite biohacking tool

What does the term biohacking mean? Biohacking can be described as “do-it-yourself” biology– small incremental changes in diet or lifestyle to make improvements in health and well-being. NuCalm is a favorite biohacking tool to reduce stress, improve sleep and calm the mind. Find out more about our NuCalm service 302-525-4343.


We Stand Against Racism PERIOD.

We Stand Against Racism PERIOD. It is 2020 and racism must stop especially against Black Americans who have experienced racism in this country for centuries. It is wrong and we at Be Truly Well and YourBiotics who are a team of men and women of all nationalities and races will not stand for it. Our patients and clients are from every background because WE DON’T DISCRIMINATE and WE STAND TOGETHER AGAINST RACISM!