3-Day Winter Juice Cleanse For Beginners

ditjuicecleanse-850x400With juice cleanses, it can often get confusing figuring out what is safe and what is not, especially if you’ve never done one before. I am a health coach and detox specialist, and I support people daily through juice cleanses and detoxes.

Firstly, it is ok to supplement your juice cleanse with additional smoothies.

Secondly, it is ok to supplement your juice cleanse with nut milks such as almond, hemp or coconut milk for extra fat to sustain blood sugar balance and maintain energy levels.

Thirdly, it is ok to have steamed vegetables or a raw salad in between your juices if you feel your body needs extra food.

The purpose of juice cleanse is to give your digestion a break and a chance to rest completely from chewing and digesting focus on assimilating all your nutrients in liquids. Juicing is different from drinking smoothies because you are having just the juice without any pulp. The body can easily consume up to ten pounds of vegetables in juices, which would be very difficult to accomplish while eating vegetables with the fiber.

Juicing is ideal for people with IBS, leaky gut, candida and even Crohn’s Disease.


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