20 Herbs & Spices For Flavorful Weight Loss

healingspices-850x400-2People love to use salty or sweet flavors to spruce up otherwise healthy food. That tangy barbecue sauce you use on your chicken breasts or that aggressive work with the salt shaker to spruce up your veggies … these are pretty commonplace practices, even for people who think they’re eating healthy. You can do better for yourself without compromising on taste.

There are so many flavors out there to explore that do more than liven up bland dishes — they’re actually better for you, either because they omit harmful white stuff, or include other health-rich compounds, or both. Fresh or dried herbs and spices not only add tons of flavor to your foods (without adding salt or oil) but also have a host of health benefits of their own. So take a look at your spice cabinet, note what you already have and then stock up the remaining herbs and spices on this list!


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