Does Your Digestive System Makes You Sick, Tired & Overweight? Try This Homemade Digestion Juice Recipe

juiceThere might be something wrong with your inner tube, and it could be making you sick and fat. You may not even realize you have a problem … but if you have health concerns of any kind or you are overweight, your inner tube could be the root cause. Almost all nutrient absorption happens in the small intestine but about 80% of us have got impacted, clogged digestive systems.

The good news is – when we cleanse the digestive system of these wastes, we get a huge, instant energy hit that lasts forever – because our body is now absorbing 100% of the goodness we eat. That’s right – once cleansed, you get massive amounts more energy, vitality and strength without having to put in any extra effort!

More than 100 million Americans have digestive problems. Two of the top five selling drugs in America are for digestive problems, and they cost us billions and billions of dollars. There are more than 200 over-the-counter (OTC) remedies for digestive disorders, many of which can create additional digestive problems.

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