Improve Your Balance With This Back-Strengthening Sequence


Computers have offered us exponential freedom in how we work, how we communicate and how we create, but they’ve wreaked havoc on our bodies. We sit interminably in front of our screens and slowly slump, victims of a crumbling postural state that has given birth to our modern epidemic of back, neck and shoulder problems.

Feeling like a collapsing lower-case “c,” I vowed that before I sat down to my computer, I would work out every morning and include an abundance of exercises for the back body. After just a week, I am standing taller, feeling stronger and much more conscious to take computer breaks throughout the day.

These six exercises will help promote better posture and give you an equal balance of strength from front to back. When performing these exercises, keep the abdominals drawn in to support the lower back, and remember that form and control always trump speed and reps. So work precisely, pay attention to the feeling of each movement and take a break if you’re feeling uncomfortable in the lower back.

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