The Best Way To Improve Bad Posture: One Exercise, 10 Minutes A Day

What if I told you that the best way to improve bad posture can easily be learned by utilizing ONE simple 10-minute exercise? What if I told you this exercise could not only improve the health of your spinal column in the long run but it could also alleviate the pain and poor body posture that comes with it completely?

I have recently come across an article on a website that pretty much dealt with the idea that our generation of mainly white-collar office workers is going to be less healthy in the next decades to come due to a lifestyle of poor dietary choices and exercise habits. This got me thinking about how constant sitting from 9-5 can affect our body posture in the long run. It is common knowledge that sitting all day long is not something that the human body was originally “programmed” for, and it is bound to take a toll on our health and body posture sooner or later.

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